Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Look 8D who just approved me on FB.

Again, as fake as the FB profile may be just like Sheldon Cooper following me on Twitter, I get my LOLs from it. XD

I'm still on the WGM Adam Couple hype a bit, please bear with me. =p

Does it make things dramatic if I say that I'm even getting one of these cute Adam Couple hoodies prepared by the Thailand-based Adam Couple fanclub? XD

They're even going to give out these couple hoodies to JoKwon and GaIn who will be heading down to Thailand later this year! 8D Awhsum!!!

Local Adam Couple Fans can place their orders HERE on iamfor2am forum. If you're not a registered member, you better do. ;) This is for Malaysian fans only. Check out other threads if you're from Singapore and Indonesia. Adam Couple Hwaiting! 8D


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