Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What What HQ Photos???

Yeah. I HAZ IT.

It took some time but finally I HAZ IT. 8D Bought it as a gift for my hardworking self.
*hugs self*

I was torn between getting a DSLR or those compact DSLR but the priceeeee and dad was also so good with knocking sense into me saying stuff like "WHY DO YOU WANT TO BUY A BIG CAMERA DO YOU WANT TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ISO STANDS FOR?"

So tadaaa, point and shoot camera it is! Since I snap random photos everywhere I go, LOL. And I made sure I got one of the best! It was on my MALOO TAPI MAHOO list. XD

I know how awesome it is because Sakiko owns this camera way before it entered the Malaysian Sony market (lembap woh) and I LOVED IT. The quality was SO GOOD. 8D

My first test shot:

This is Upin. Blue eyed brown eyed kitten of mine who stalks my bedroom ALL the time. XD I used the background defocus mode here. LOVE IT.

But I guess my favourite functon is the "kirei hada" mode as they say in Japanese, a.k.a. beautiful/soft skin mode. Ngahahahaha. No Photoshop required! 83

Bear with me. Dah lama tak letak gambar camwhore. Hahahahaha~

Brought it to work obviously, and searched for reasons to use it. Lunch with dad at Bombay Masala with Culinary mode!

The smaller pic was mine. XD

And showed it off to boyfie today when we had our lunch. 8D

Ngahaha. 8D



Eyein-chentA said...

hey ladybird wawa..
camera ape tu dear?
cantek lah gambarnya..

WaWa said...

Sony Cybershot WX5! Cantek kan???? Sangat clear gambar! =D

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