Friday, December 18, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I live in Kuching but study in the Peninsular, therefore I am no stranger to flying and I have always been an avid flyer of MAS Airlines before the red-and-white-airline-that-shall-not-be-named-for-fear-of-being-sued appeared. Then I sort of changed to that airline instead.

However, I've noticed that MAS Airlines has rapidly improve their service and had made an effort to include special prices for early birds. I then reverted back to MAS.

And it seems like MAS has up a notch their service to be available for those on the go. MAS has just recently launched, which is a mobile site where you can book your flights and check all the necessary details regarding your flight all in the convenience from your mobile phone!

As you can see from the picture, the main menu is pretty direct to the point, I doubt you would have trouble understanding it. I think one of the awesome features is the ability to check in via your phone. Can you imagine yourself lazing around on the KLIA Express and just fiddling with your phone to check in and VOILA, NO MORE LONG QUEUE LINES, WHEEEE~

And imagine passing by those who are queuing up in the check-in line with your smug face of "I CHECKED IN DURING MY RIDE HERE. LOL."

Another awesomeness of this is the baggage tracer option. Should you lose your baggage due to your carelessness or whatever, you can instantly locate it through this option. This is GENIUS, Y'ALL.

Like, if you see this cute guy panicking about his missing bag, you could go "OH, I CAN HELP YOU.." and snap out your mobile phone and show off your techy side and score his phone number in the process. JOY.

And another huge plus for this? The 'Deals and Offers' option at the bottom. Only applicable to Flymobi users wooooot~!!! I'm so digging this. :p

People will be asking "Where do you get all those awesome deals?" You can go, *flashes phone* "OH THIS MOBILE WEB FOR MAS AIRLINES..." *smug face techie know-it-all*

You can easily check out more of this HERE!

This would be awesome for those who wouldn't want to miss out on the awesome flight deals and stuff. And it would help those who lack internet access but WAHEYYYY, HAVE A 3G/WAP/GPRS enabled phone! Duh.

And I tell you, being an early bird is awesome when it comes to booking flights. Just make sure that you have your dates exactly right so that you won't suffer from having to change your dates and stuff. I am so experienced at booking flights now since I fly like nearly 10 times a year back and forth KL and Kuching. (Yes I go back every holiday, I get homesick easily mehhhh.)

Hmm. I might as well check the mobile website out later.

After I top up my phone credit. Ha Ha.


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