Friday, December 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser Asia

I am so obsessed with The Biggest Loser Asia. So much so that I have skipped Desperate Housewives for this.

However, I think that compared to the original series, they seem to have a less tough exercise routine. I remember going O___O watching the original series due to the grueling routines.

Hmm. Must be the asian culture thingy where we are aware of everyone's sensitvity, and avoid being rude to massacre them into losing the fat.

Another thing I need to get used to is the using of kilos instead of pounds, so as pounds is like double (more?) the weight seems small but hey, I can totally relate. :p I just wish they held an audition in Kuching for me to join. Pfft. I would love to be pushed into exercising better.

And how depressing is it for the red team to lose two members, one per episode???? First it was Damon, that idiot who gave up after the first epi. Then it was Del because of his elbow injury. Thank God there was a replacement for one, wahey, welcome to (not much of a) torture camp, Carlo~!

My favourite is Damietta. SHE IS SO CUUUUUUTE~!!! And she has awesome spirit!!! Even after she sprained her ankle, she did not give up one bit. (Take that Damon! XD)

I'm so rooting for the BLUE TEAM.

They look like a fun bunch of people. ^^ And also I think that Dave Nuku's a great trainer. Going with all "training people hollistically". He repeats it every week. LOL! And if you watch the opening credits, there's Dave Nuku working of his biceps and looking hot. XDDD *is bricked*

Ngehhh.. I wouldn't mind be trained by him :p

Yes. I stll have trouble losing weight.
Dave Nukuuuuuuuuuuuu~ help meeeeeee~


Redbloodsnow said...

x pnah mek diat cita tok serie asia koh. ori serie suka mek diat...hiksss


Redbloodsnow said... entry tok pun x maosok juak ka yg mek komen...sobsobsobsob...

WaWa said...

Sik best gilak asia pun, kali sebab sik banyak drama kedak omputeh li..

Tapi rindok nangga juak. Smua benda rah TV ya mok ditangga. :p

Blogspot ngok ngek sik emel hal comments masok. (T___T)

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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