Monday, February 3, 2014

British Youtubers

Here's a fun fact.

I was actually born in Kuching, but raised in England. My first language is actually English. And not that fancy Queen's English, the suburban English. I had the thickest Cockney accent! XD I returned to Malaysia at the age of 6 though, and the accent gradually faded away, which is actually such a shame. Though I find it does sometimes appear when I am randomly conversing with actual Brits.

I feel that my English has become soooo Americanized due to hours of watching all of these American TV series. I even had a bank staff asking me about my accent and I was sort of bamboozled by it.


I have recently discovered some awesome British YouTubers that I am absolutely LOVING at the moment. And dare I say it? I might fancy them more than the American YouTubers. Watching British YouTubers, especially their vlogs, makes me want to jump on a plane to the UK and reminisce all the places I used to live and visit. :D So yes, that is officially in my bucket list now! I will try to achieve that in 5 years. Fingers Crossed! Now on to my favourite British YouTubers!

Louise from SprinkleofGlitter

She is one of the funniest person ever! And her daughter Darcy is the one that got me subscribing! Totally adorable!!! She has a beautiful family, and her vlogs are so much fun to watch! She is so real, and genuinely funny that if I were to meet her in real life, I feel that I could befriend her instantly!


One of the top British Makeup Guru now and bff of Louise above there. She is sooooo cute! Her vlogs are also awesome and captivating! BTW, she just got the cutest guinea pigs! 8D

Tanya Burr

She is so fun and sweet! She seems like to have love for everybody! At times she can be clumsy (ie. in the kitchen lol) but she is so real! I don't feel like she is pretentious and such.


Okay so technically she is actually Chinese, but she was raised in, waitaminute. Scotland? Ireland? I am pretty sure it was Ireland. Okay just googled. She is from Northern Ireland. Yes! Got my accents right! :D I have to say though, lately I am enjoying her vlogs so much more than her beauty vids. Just because I can't stop laughing my arse (see what I did there? XD) off to them.


Omg, she is sooooo pretty! Her eyes are so round and her lashes are, gah. I love how honest she is when she review stuff, that some might find her being snobbish and complaining but to be honest, the accent sort of does make anything you say sound fancy. LOL. Her vlogs are also awesome and she usually includes her very good-looking husband in her videos who is super funny. And her dogs are precious! :D She is also the first British YouTuber I subscribed! So thanks Fleur!

Sammi from TheBeautyCrush

My latest find over the weekend! She is sooooo gorgeous! In such a natural way.She doesn't wear a heavy load of makeup from what I can see in her videos, just bright lipsticks. But I guess it helps if you have the most gorgeous eyes evarrrrr! She is also super cute and funny. And her accent definitely brings back memories! :)

If you are looking for something new to get addicted to, subscribe! :D


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