Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I am a huge fan of BuzzFeed!

If you haven't discovered the website yet, you should! For me it is a nice alternative from the usual memes and trolls on 9Gag, which I love, by the way. But sometimes I would love to read something that is actually linked to the real world for once. Haha. So I discovered BuzzFeed and I check it nearly every hour of the day when i first found out about it. Now it is more a daily morning routine. :p

I haven't been checking it out for a while so when I scrolled through it this morning, checking out all the stories I have missed out, I apparently had scrolled down to the very end. And guess what popped up?

BoyzIIMen's "End of the Road" started playing. OMG SO MUCH LOL. XD


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