Monday, October 28, 2013

Busan Trip Day 6 Part 1

While scrolling through my photos, apparently Day 6 just HAVE to be divided into two posts! :p

So Day 6 was really special because my BFF Lynn can FINALLY come and join us and bring us around. She has a pretty strict schedule at her university (think of it as Maktab Perguruan style) and cannot afford to miss any classes since the summer break was coming up.

The funny thing was that we were supposed to meet at my room in the morning. So after breakfast, I was waiting for the elevator to go up. And when an elevator arrived, it was jam-packed that I decided to wait for the next one, but guess who was standing in the back of the elevator crowd? LOLOLOL. She basically squished her way through to get out of the elevator and we jumped into each others' arms!!! XD

See how excited we are??? She was originally my Maid of Honor by the way, for my wedding, So it was a big deal for me to see her after SO LONG! :D

Japanese and Korean XD

By the way, she specifically told me to NOT go to Gamcheon village because she wanted to be the one bringing us there! Haha! So off to Gamcheon Village! Think of it like Sarawak Cultural Village but bigger, actual people living there and well, Korean. Haha.

Weird trouser flower pots.XD

See how big this place is??? 8D Leave your heels behind ladies, this place goes uphill and downhill!

Creepy birds with heads of people. 

The trick to getting around Gamcheon village is to follow the colourful fishes! They sort of pave out the way for you. :D

Hoddeok again of course. XD

Heoddeok Selfieeeee :p

Gamcheon reminds me of a colourful hillview of Greece. Of course it won't beat the real thing. But I dunno when I will be able to end up in Greece anytime soon. :p

Hubster :D

Nice weather for the walk by the way. Cloudy and windy! :)

Optical Illusion room. My legs were killing me for this pose! XD

Cover Album baru kami. :p

Hanggeul Fishies! Cute!

Defacing one of the village rooms that actually allows you to draw on the walls!

Our names in Hangeul! Yes, we were there on National Day! :')

Apparently was one of the sites for Running Man




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