Friday, June 15, 2012

His Celebration :)

It was a simple celebration between us. I didn't want to wait until the weekend. I am one of those who prefer birthdays be celebrated on the day itself. I mean, there's a reason it is called BIRTH-DAY. Any other day would just be your normal day.

Yes, I am petty like that. =_=

We rushed home from work, showered, and left after Maghrib for The Spring (where else? lol). And to celebrate his birthday, I decided to treat him at Secret Recipe, so that he gets to choose his own birthday cake. :p

His birthday cake:

It's Black Forest Cheese Cake by the way. Still quite new in Kuching's Secret Recipe. :)

His dinner:

Grilled Chicken Rice, I think. Look at him so happily eating the onions. He loves onions. But ohemmgee,  he had onion breath the entire night. LOL.

Couple shot :p :

OHAI. We're engaged. KTHXBAI.

His gift? I didn't give a crap about his "NO GIFTS! SAVE MONEY FOR OUR WEDDING" rule. LOLOLOL. I knew exactly what to get him. He's been eyeing it for months. Every time we go to Parkson he'll  say "Can we go to and see if it's still there?"

I knew it'd be a perfect birthday gift for him. :p

Can you guess what it is? :p

Here's how it actually looks like:

It's Darth Vader's Lightsaber! 

He bought a Darth Vader helmet 2 months back, and he's been itching to get the lightsaber but has been holding back because it was a bit pricey. The lightsaber is a proper replica of the movie's lightsaber, so it seemed to be really limited. Heck, there was only one in Parkson! 

Now I am also a fan of Star Wars, so I had no problem with him liking these sort of stuff too. I even played with it to test it out. Hahahahaha.

Here are some photos of us playing around with the Darth Vader mask. It even has his asthmatic-voice too! So awesome!

We are such dorks. XD


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