Friday, April 13, 2012

E-Day: Hantaran Lelaki - Perempuan

There were 13 from his side to mine.. All professionally decorated. Huhuhuhuhuhu.

List of Hantarans Received:

1. Chocolates - OMG YAY.

2. Sirih Junjung

3. Al-Qur'an & Sejadah - The sejadah is so soft and prettyyyyy~

4. Tanda Bertunang - RM80 in new 50 cents coin! Goldddddd!!!! OMG I THOUGHT THEY WERE CHOCOLATE COINS AT FIRST! lol.

5. Watch and Engagement ring - matching watch to his watch :D

6. Kek Lapis

7. More Chocolates and a super cute towel set - The towel is sooo adowable. It has bears and is called ARIGATO. OMG HOW CUTE IS THATTTTTT???

8. Fruits

9. Perfume - Marry Me! by Lanvin. Don't you just love the name? And it smells SO GOOOOODDDD!

10.  Kain pasang and telekung sembahyang

11. Baju akad nikah - also baju siap, asked Kak Neng from Petra Bridal for help with the beaded details. :)

12. Clinique Facial Set

13. Shoes and Handbag - Charles & Keith

And of course the Watikah Pertunangan in form of a scroll

I love my stuff. XD


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