Friday, April 6, 2012

One More Day...

...To be engaged! :)

Have prepared multiple things, multitasking and pushing my body  to its limit these past two weeks.

Been so busy!!! =_=

Have been juggling my workload AND my engagement preparations. NOT easy. Sepanjang minggu selsema. I have been chugging down flu pills and paracetamols like they're candies. OTZ

Please God let me be healthy tomorrow! :(

Let's see:

Engagement Invites - Check (sendirian berhad with help from le boyf and le Chu)
Stuff for hantaran - Check (bought them during our KL trip back in January)
Gubahan Hantaran - Check (sendirian berhad btw. sila jangan gelak tengok gambar nanti.)
Baju - Check (baju siap, simple jerrr.)
Tudung - Check (pinjam mak nye. :p)
Shoes - Check (bought it like last year, 70% off. haha,)
Small bouquet - Check
Mini Dais - Check
Zikir - Check
Catering - Check
Photographer - Check

OMG why do I feel I'll be missing out on somethinggggggggg???

It's a good thing it's a public holiday to day in the Borneo side. Good Friday ftw. At least I can get SOME rest. Oh who am I kidding? Obviouly banyak bende kene siapkan. *headdesk on repeat*

Oh well, here's to hoping for all the best! The next time I'll be posting here will be as someone's fiance! ZOMG.



Afraliza Yusof said...

congrats! moga dipermudahkan segala urusan. aamin.


wa...mek pernah selelah ktk..fenin gila tyme ya.dah kekepakan & x cukup tdo..=p

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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