Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wants wants wants!

Nerdy entry today. You have been warned. XD

I. Want. This.

A freakin' nerdtastic wedding!!!

A Mario slash Harry Potter slash movie theater themed wedding.

The awesomeness amazes me beyond words. BF, you better be reading this. LOL.

If that's not awesome enough, how about a Star Wars themed wedding??? Complete with Storm Troopers!!! OOH DAD CAN BE DARTH VADER, SO COOL. Mom can be Leia if she wants too. Or Padme? Haha. And maybe my brother can be Boba Fett or Chewbacca. Though I think it'll be a bit too hot for parading around as Chewbacca. LMAO.

LOOK AT THAT JABBA THE HUT CAKE, LOOK AT THE TROOPERS, LOOK AT THE GUESTS IN ROBES!!! Y SO HOSEM! I would love for some kids to be Yoda and the cute furry wookies. LOL.

I can't decide between these and this awesome Harry Potter themed wedding HERE. I mean come onnnnn!! There's a freaking train, sorting hat and wands for the guests!!! SO DEM COOL!!! 8D

And I totally love the last photo above~ So EPIC!!! *sighs*



Erlinda "Miss Little Town" said...

wats with the themed wedding? did i hear bells ringing? :P

WaWa said...

@Erlinda "Miss Little Town"
hamboi hamboi. cepat jak nya. neydaaaa.. suka ngusha ajak mendalah kreatip tok. hehehe.

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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