Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Year Job Anniversary!!!

I proudly announce that today is officially my one year anniversary of working at Unimas!!! *throws confetti*

I can't believe one year has gone by so fast! I have gone through 3 semesters of teaching and have loved each and every one, with maybe 200 of students under my teaching, and I still love my job, hurrah!

I have also befriended the most wonderful colleagues a girl can have! I shall always remember the good ol' cubicle gang; Melisa, Maliana, Haslina, Erlinda and our big brother Damien! Those were the good ol' days when we sat in our cubicles and made the weirdest jokes ebar. I can still recall a certain dialogue that Damien and I had which was totally misinterpreted by Melisa and Erlinda! That btw shall not be written down here. I have young readers, ahem (ada ke? LOL)

And not forgetting the rest of the CLS academic staff and the office staff who have always been friendly and entertaining; that we have the best retreats evar! A big happy family is what I have at CLS!

And thank you to my wonderful students who have been nothing but awesome. You guys always brighten up my day, no matter how many grammatical mistakes you guys make!

Looking forward to a more permanent working position in Unimas!
Love you all! 
*hugs and kisses*


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