Monday, August 15, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

This was quite awhile ago, before fasting month actually. And I just remembered to post it up after I cleared out my camera's contents.

Those who are an avid goer (goer? |D) of The Spring would know that the shoe store Lea Centre has already moved out leaving behind an empty space. Well, the empty space was then utilized as an art exhibition centre for the students of Unimas, UiTM and also Lim Kok Wing.

I wasn't sure at first if cameras were allowed, but then I saw everyone camwhoring with the art displays so go figure. XD

Some were pretty good too! I especially loved the one (the last photo on the right) with different paintings of different types of windows. =3

Art exhibitions are a great way to pretend you're Artsy Fartsy and intelligent and that you have a thoughtful side amidst your fangirling, couch potato crack side. LOL.


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