Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Weekend Down Memory Lane

Last weekend was like a trip down memory lane!

As Lynn had returned home, Jani and I spread the word around and gathered friends who were in town to have a day out filled with food and fun!

We had lunch at Hartz Chicken Buffet Sarawak Plaza, a place so synonym with any friend returns from overseas because we ALWAYS assume they would love to binge out on chicken without worries, haha. And binge we did.

Of course when you are constantly talking and joking, you sort of just stuff things down your throat without realizing it and end up eating like a bunch of stuff. Bad bad bad! *smacks self*

I have bad self-restraint lately. Argh. Thank God fasting month is coming up!

And then we prayed at the Riverside Majestic's surau before heading to the bowling centre which argh like wtf there's a tournament!!! BTW, the renovated bowling alley is SUPER COOL~ Go chekidaut! xD

So we then went to Tun Jugah for a drink, but then stopped at the Rest n Go massage chairs that I omg love so much! LOL.

Then those who could make it went bowling at Crystal Bowl BDC! And wth, there's a tournament too!!! But thankfully it was coming to an end, so we got a lane like 20 minutes later. No worries!

I was actually really eager to practice for the CLS tournament which is btw, tomorrow!

Happy with the outcome of my marks. I'm always happy if it passes a 100. And hopefully, my throws will be consistent!

The weekend was a fulfilling one guys! =D


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