Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sending Off a Fangirl

Last Friday, Melisa was going to KL for the weekend, because zomg, her favourite band Incubus was in town!!!

Remember my previous post on her video of her rendition of 'Promises, Promises' which was supposed to score her backstage passes? Oh well, sadly she didn't get those, but hey, it was totally fun!!! Haha~

So since her flight was at 2.30pm I thought that I'd just stuff as many people as possible in the car so that we could have lunch altogether! Haha. Lunch is always fun with lotsa fwenz! XD

Oh and we were such drama queens! We were totally making a big fuss of hugging Melisa and telling her to be careful and stuff. It was like she was going away for a long time! LOL.

Oh and before we left the airport, we felt the urge to buy ice creamsssssss~ McD is a rare opportunity for us, since there's only 3 branches in Kuching, so we each got ice cream and totally camwhored. Oh, such vanity.

Hmm. Now I'm craving for a Cornetto McFlurry. whut.


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