Monday, July 4, 2011

Help to Vote Please! =D

Another Monday guys!

My buddy Melisa Malini is entering a contest to win backstage passes to see Brandon Boyd in person and win an autographed guitar! Sounds fancy, no?

So all she had to do was come up with her cover of Incubus and post it on the organizer's website and get as many votes as possible!

As a fellow fangirl, I know how much this means to her so I am helping to spread the word to EVERYONE.

(And I mean EVERYONE. My tagging on the announcement on FB was so random, it's hilarious. XD)

The instructions on voting are as below:

1. Go to
2. Locate the Video by Melisa Malini RG
3. Click Vote Now (Login Using Your Facebook Account)
4. Then Click VOTE NOW again to get your vote counted.

And check out the video here:

Everyone who were involved!!!

Me (photographer; the one holding No Promises in Japanese and Tamil)
Chuah Kee Man (video editor, uploader; held the one in Mandarin)
Damien (held the ones in Bahasa Melayu and English)
Erlinda (Camerawoman)
Haslina (held the one in French)
Maliana (held the one in Arabic)

See, sangat 1Malaysia and 1World.



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