Monday, July 11, 2011


Last week, I spent every day with a nasty flu-bug. My dad was already on the more critical side because he gets sick easily. The doctor said that a virus is going around. Argh. Damn flu.

I didn't like taking workdays off unless I was REALLY sick, so I just stride through the week with endless supply of boogers, snots and a buttload of tissues. (My phrase of the week is "a buttload of tissues" by the way, haha.)

It was still bearable until Friday came. If it wasn't for that askldjalkjda assignment I had to submit, I would have definitely gotten myself a medical leave. But then again, I remembered I need to pass my kain baju raya along with a baju kurung contoh to Damien to pass to his tailor mama. So that was two reasons NOT to take a leave.

Well. Apparently my friend KeeMan called up the lecturer and he said we could pass it next week on Wednesday since we're meeting up for a, get this, "counseling session". Ew. Ew. Ew. I do NOT believe in talking to strangers. I hardly tell my friends everything, let alone strangers, pffft.

So yes, there I was with my nose filled to the brim with mucus, and I find out we get to submit it next week. W.T.F.

I went home early though because I felt my temperature rising, and I did not want to suffer my sickness in Friday's traffic jam. Argh. Urgh. Blergh.

Got slightly better on Saturday though I was still killing a few trees with the amount of tissues I used to blow out my massive amount of boogers and snots. READ: A BUTTLOAD OF TISSUES.

So random.

Oh. It's Monday.


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