Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fryyyyy-day I Enjoyed

Curse Rebecca Black for getting her song stuck in my head. ("PARTYING PARTYING YEAH!!!" Argh. Fail.)

For the first time evar, the entire cubicles were present for our Friday McD lunch (no, we don't go there EVERY Friday, Zomg, but pretty often, and often on Friday too. Erm. Not making my case much, am I? XD)

Melisa decided to grace us with her presence!!! Yay!!! So we all padat masuk my car because I quote Damien, "Your car luas, gerenti muat." And let's just say, thank God the girls are on the lean side. Haha.

Of course, since I got my camera which I bring absolutely EVERYWHERE with me, a photoshoot is a must!!! 8D

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I have gazillions! XD

From top to bottom, left to right:

Pic1: Met a friend and asked her to snap the photo for us. =3
Pic2: Our pimp pegi withdraw duit coz we weren't making enough for him, LOL.
Pic3: While waiting for our pimp
Pic4: Got a random stranger to snap our Jakun selves. Yes, I know no shame. XD
Pic5: Just because self-shot is near to impossible for 6 people.
Pic6: Coz Mel said our eyes look similar here. =D

And a compilation of why I just heart the crap out of these guys:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Pic1: Random shot while crossing the road. No worries, Abang Mien is watching out for us, haha.
Pic2: Yep, he's still watching out for us, photobombing all at the same time. haha.
Pic3: Us in my car. Yes, that's Erlinda's eye alright. XD
Pic4: I quote from Damien, "Tag my photo on FB with 'Damien and his hot new wife" unquote.

Epic Friday. =)


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