Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today is my Graduation Day

This is a simple short entry for an extra special day in my life.

The day that I have been waiting practically forever has officially arrived. This trip was planned as memorable as possible and every cent spared on this trip will be worth it (and thanks to some of the official work stuff dad has to attend at the same time in KL so some of our lodgings are under Unimas 8D) so I plan to enjoy every bit of it.

Thank you to the family who supported me and gave me unconditional love, the friends who made every bit of my degree years memorable, to Hani Laily for the companionship, to my besties overseas Lynn and Mimi who motivate me even more so, to my lecturers for sharing their knowledge, to my carry sisters who cared for me when I needed the extra love and to my silent readers who have been patient with the lack of updates during my study semester (which was like 2 entries per month? OMG!). Ahahahahaha.

Thank you all. :)

I am officially a TESL Bachelor's Degree Graduate.

*picture courtesy of Abang Google.



lynnanuar said...

wawaaaaaa congratssssssssssssssssss <3<3<3

dOuGsteR said...

Congratz wawa! Show those school kids how cool our generation is. Haha.

mrs. daydeck said...

congrate wawa.. hopefully da jumpa kitak 1 day.. kamek rah HRM jak.. sebelah jak building kita.. hehe..

WaWa said...


*squishes* Thanks babe!!! =D

WaWa said...

Thanks ejat!! Erm, what school kids? LOL.

WaWa said...

@mrs. daydeck

Yobih, dekat alu jak. InsyaAllah temu.. NTah-ntah dah ketemu time ramah tamah riya owh? Kamek tok shy-shy urang nya, so mun kitak temu, tegur jak lah.

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