Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Despicable Me :D

The thing with animation is that they rarely or even never disappoint you! :p

I'm a huge fan of cartoons and animations so when I saw the trailer for this, I knew I just had to check it out.

The storyline was interesting and different, depicting two famous villains fighting to be the number one villain in the world. I don;t want to elaborate too much without spoiling it for some, but I think it's REALLY worth watching. If you have some extra cash to burn, I'd suggest you watch it in 3D, because during the closing credits they have this really cool clips if you watch it in 3D where the minions are sort of poking at you with various items. Haha.

I sort of regretted not watching it in 3D after I saw that.

My favourite character in the movie aside from the tiny yellow minions is Agnes, the youngest orphan. OMG she is SOOOOO CUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!!

I would like to quote Agnes for this review; *growls* "IT'S SO FLUFFYYYYYYYYY!!!!!"




Are_Fish said...

Lol..mine would be the 1 eye'd yellow minion..(tho they might be more then 1)..yeah..too bad we didn't get to watch it in 3D tho..who's up for predator Moveh?..he he..

WaWa said...

but I want to watch inception... @__@

Are_Fish said...

U promised.. >__<

WaWa said...


Stilla said...

riya ada anak buah tunang mek ajak ngr cita tok tapi mek malas nak ngeret nya 2..lalu mbak nya 2 g swimming mek..hehhe

WaWa said...

camtok jak, kitak meli tiket, lak kamek neman dak nya nangga. :D

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