Friday, November 1, 2013

Busan Trip Day 6 Part 2

After our Gamcheon visit, we headed to Jagalchi Market for lunch!

Jagalchi is a huge tourist attraction for being one of the largest seafood market in the world! There is also a wide range of seafood eateries that prepare fishes fresh from the sea! Thus, SUPER FRESH AND YUMMEH.

BTW, the food is SUPER PRICEY. We didn't order the king spider crab because apparently it was RM300 per kilo! YOWZA.

Side dishes for each person! 

Macam sireh. XD This is to be eaten with the huey, or sashimi! :)

Happy being with my BFF!

Super fresh and yummy Huey!!

The owner cutting our pajeon! 

Korean Seafood Pancake

Huge Prawn Tempuras

I seriously forgot the name of this dish! But yummyyyyy!!

Of course, sushi! :D

After lunch, we headed to across the street to Gukje Market, again. Hehehehehe. HELLO CAT CAFE!!! And urm, massive shopping spree~ 8D


Bought this halal kebab before heading back to our hotel. YUMMYYYYY!!!!


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