Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busan Trip Day 5 Part 1

Day 5! Had to divide this into 2 posts, because we went to 2 different places and took wayyy too many photos, haha!

We decided to take a trip to visit Busan's Mosque! I mean, if you are able to go and visit temples and such, you just HAVE to visit the mosque! :)

The mosque was in Dusil, about the second last train stop on the red line if I remembered correctly. :p It would seem far in the map, but the trains are so fast, it's just about half an hour. XD

I LOVE the train system by the way. XP

The tiny 'river' before the mosque. :)

Spot the Mosque! :D


The low quality photos were whatsapped to me from my husband. :(

I loved how we were greeted with a salam upon arriving. It has been so long since I actually heard it from someone else and even nicer to be said by a Korean Mualaf. :')

Subhanallah. So pretty!

Fun Sadaqah box for donations. :)

After our Solat Sunat prayers at the mosque, we headed to the Halal Turkish restaurant next door for lunch! A bit pricey but omaigod the food was sooooooooooooooo good!!! Instantly turned into mega carnivores when ordering! Hey, we haven't had meat for a week! WE NEED OUR MEAT! (TT_TT)

Hello Cappadocia!!!

All of us basically looked like this while we ate. XD

Turkish Tea! Sweet smelling!

Cute decor!

See how much nicer mum is after she has eaten meat? Hahahaha. Just kidding! :p


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