Friday, October 18, 2013

Busan Trip Day 4

Day 4!!!

We decided to check out one of the main tourist attraction, Gwangaili bridge! Which is right next to Gwangan Beach!

However upon arrival, it started to rain! HEAVILY I might add. :(

There we were running down the street, and headed into the nearest cafe which turned out to be, Starbucks. (=_=) Wish it was some local cafe, but it was our only hope of getting dry.

The Starbucks is actually facing the bridge, but due to heavy rain, the bridge was invisible!!! (T_T)

Mum bought cakes.

My first time tryong out the Green Tea Frappucino. Yes, I drink cold drinks in the rain. It was good!

Semi-invisible bridge. :(
Bapak sempat posing. XD

The rain stopped soon after and the bridge was visible again hurray! :D
But 3 minutes later it started raining again!!! D8

Deserted beach due to rain!!! By the way, known fact. you are not allowed to take photos of the beach-goers. Remember that! 

We returned to the hotel because my dad is really bad with rain; he gets sick really easily. So we had a rest before heading out again to Yongdusan Park to check out Busan Tower! Since we were not able to see Namsan tower in Seoul, this should make up for it!

Plus, they had all those fancy locks like the one at Namsan! :p

The tower is on a small hill, but no worries, 5 escalator-trip away! XD

The weather was still cloudy. :(

Sort of a mini shrine I guess?

Pretty tree! Same colour with my top, haha! 

#couplepic :p

We didn't go up the tower, since we thought paying 4000won was not worth it (i would rather buy 2 bottles of my favourite vitamin drink) and also becasue of the gloomy weather, we just went up to the second deck which turned out to be couple photo spot galore!!! Lots of locks too! :D

My parents <3 p="">
My favourite photo of mum and dad, haha!

No worries, found the last Dragonball!!! #keepcalm

This is apparently Miss Tourism Korea. Have NO IDEA who she is. (=_=")

Went down by stairs since the escalator only goes uphill, stopped by these colourful lanterns!

OOH RAINBOW COLOURS!!! #pukesrainbow

Downhill is a stretch of shoplots, which are more of a middle to high-end priced item shops. Really pretty at night though!

Spot the p*nis. XDDD

How ya doin'?

Mum is pointing to his p*nis. JUST KIDDING MUM IF YOU ARE READING THIS. 


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