Friday, October 11, 2013

Busan Trip Day 2

After a long day of running around the day before, and a super long night of rest, we were ready to attack Busan!

Our hotel was a 5 minute walk from Jungang Station.Yes, Jungang. My family had a fun time posing with the Jungang sign. LOL. Jungang means Buckteeth in Malay by the way. XD

Our first stop was Haeundae. When we went to the machine to purchase our 1 Day Pass, there was this very old man sitting next to the ticket machine. Apparently he was there to assist people in buying tickets! He talked in Korean until I noticed he was wearing a sash that said "日本翻訳者" or "Japanese Translator/Interpreter". So I started conversing in Japanese! Haha! So weird for me to be using Japanese in a Korean setting. XD

It is super easy to get around if you have the tourist map (photo in previous post) which I got from the airport. It basically shows what attractions are there at each stop and even which exit to use and the distance from the station. Very convenient! Apparently it is called Tour by the Metro Line! I didn't scan the map but I will probably do it later in the next upcoming posts. But there is a website that can guide you just as well!

There are 4 main lines in Busan's Metro so here are the links for each line:


So in Haeundae, just walk straight from Exit 3, and you will see Busan Aquarium!!! It's not massively huge, but you will get your money's worth. When I went, there was a package deal that included a 4D Ice Age ride, which we immediately bought. That was fun. XD

Some compilation of photos! :)


 Mega cute sea otters! <3 p="">

Hey, touching penguin's boobies.

 Tortoises! Not turtles, kids!

 Kindergarten kids! Super adorable! Kept greeting everyone Annyeong! Cute!

 Spider crab! Creepy. 

 I found Nemo, guys! No worries! :D

And videos!

It was overall an awesome experience! :D After that we took a leisurely stroll along the Haeundae beach and checking out the shops and stalls by the roadside.


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