Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Erlinda's Wedding

I went to both ceremonies; her church ceremony and also the reception at night. I am such a noob to Church weddings I assumed that it wouldn't actually start on time, and arrived half an hour late to find that the ceremony was over! ZOMG. Kalau wedding Melayu, cakap start pukul 10, tapi pukul 11 baru pengantin datang. Huuuuu.. Tak pasal-pasal terlepas dah. Bu! :(

But we were in time for the photography session yeay! Her photographers were Piccherita by the way, the same guys who took photos for my engagement! :D

But opchos, the photos here are from yours truly!

The photo of her in my album that got the most likes evar! <3333

And of course, we just had to do an awesome random group shot coz we are shameless that way. XD

Her reception at night was held at The Banquet which I nearly got lost looking for, by the way. Haha. Rabun malam. I was seated right next to the entrance so I was the first to see her arrive. And voila, I got this shot:

Seperti biasa, pengantin potong kek, suap-suap, sumbat-sumbat dalam mulut, lol:

Loved her dress! Suited her skin tone perfectly! <3 And of course, their first dance as husband and wife! :')

There were a lot of performance, since the two of them are musicians and music oriented (she's a singer, he's a drummer) so you can imagine the pressure it was for us to go there and sing as representatives for her work colleagues. NO, NO PHOTO. MUAHAHAHAHA. But I will show you this:

Damien stole me the balloons that were used to decorate the tables. Awesome. Balloons are epic in my book. XD

Congratulations again Lin-chan! :'D


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Summer Heartbeat said...

awwwww... :') now i know where the balloons are.. :P

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