Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Bro!

June is definitely my most expensive month. But in a good way!
There's the fiance's birthday, father's day, and yesterday was my bro's birthday!
He is officially 18 years old, and can watch all the movies he wants to! Super famous joke for anyone turning 18.
When I turned 18, it was my status on Friendster. Fuiyooo Friendster!!! Mesti dah berdebu dah. LOL.'

 Last night we had dinner at Secret Recipe. Took a LOT of photos, but most of them are in my camera, so I'm just grabbing whatever I uploaded to FB and Instagram. :p

 With le brother. Kami adik-beradik petak-petak.

Wasn't feeling too hungry, so settled for the teeny weeny lasagna instead of my usual prawn macaroni. :p

OOOH PRESSIES. I got him these cool headphones. GAH. LUPE AMBIK GAMBAR. *facepalms*

Happy 18th Birthday Najman! 
University life will be starting soon! :)


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Mah@Mahu said...

Nak hadiah besar lagi Sertai sekrang contest di blog Mahamahu hadiah wang tunai dan barangan exclusive daripada Mahamahu..

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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