Monday, May 7, 2012

Le Shasta Femelle

Have been so busy and postponing this post forebar.

The other day, I was surprised with a BBM from the ever-so-talented Chu with an invitation to join a group for local female bloggers. I wasn;t sure at first, since well, LOOK HOW BUSY I AM AND HOW GOOD I AM AT UPDATING THIS. *slaps self*

But I thought that I'd like some extra activity to do outside my usual daily routine, plus, it never hurts to get to know more people in the bloggersphere. :)

So yeah, I agreed.

And now I have more things to add to my schedule! Fun fun fun~ 8D

It is called Le Shasta Femelle. Shasta as being a type of daisy if I'm not mistaken. :p

We will be busy organizing activities, charities and also photoshoots. If there are any local bloggers reading this feel free to like our FB page HERE.

And check out the Le Shasta Femelle's blog HERE.

Some of theme came to my engagement and we sort of abused the photographer. Ehem. XD

Yes, I finally got my engagement photos. Let's see when I will finally get around to putting them up here. 

Because there are like 82749127389719 of them. 




wa best!!sik sabar nga gbr!!!oyeay...

eVa said...

arghh jelessss. hehehe.. xsbr booth kelak eyh.. hehe

Erlinda "Miss Little Town" said...

macam cool! *clicks like on fb page*

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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