Monday, May 28, 2012

E-Day Photos

I know, I know. It has been ages since my last update. I am such a bad blogger when the end of semester is near.

But that's because I am being a good educator and focusing on my students. Ha. Ha. Ha.

No, seriously. 

But oh well, it was hard choosing from 32857293424028240984018940 photos, but I finally chose some that would make the cut.

Click for more photos! :)

My favourite shot. <3



eVa said...

cantek ktkkkkk!!! sory xdtg rya.. tahniah ;)

WaWa said...

Sikpa.. Kawen datang k.. :D

Zie Madini said...

hehehehe...congrats dear. cantik jak pic e-day ktk tok. suka mek diat. apa yg best nya...muka mek da wak di cya. yay! hehehe :P

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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