Friday, March 9, 2012

Off to Another Wedding!

Yes! I am off to the peninsular again. With AirAsia, everyone can fly! Nasib baik tiket murah, merasa jugak datang tengok member sama blaja dolu-dolu nih kawen. Hehe.

He is a friend of mine since my pre-degree TESL years, and has been really helpful whenever I needed his help with anything. So I guess I should try at least to attend his wedding if there are any cheap flights available, and yeay! Flights were affordable! :D

He got married last week, and his wife's reception was first so photos are already everywhere on FB! Hehe!

Lovely newlyweds:

Credits to Nazri for this photo. Taken from his FB! =)

His wife is so pwetty!!!!  Sama cantik sama padan! =)

Wishing you a lovely marriage life ahead Pian! 


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