Friday, December 9, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Tokyo Disneyland (Pt.3)

ToonTown is a haven for camwhores! There are so many thing to take a picture of/with!!! Love!!!

  1. TOONTOWN!!! BTW, everyone lives in ToonTown! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy etc. =p
  2. Having lunch! This is Salmi's shrimp burger. Which btw, the buns are shaped like a duck's flippers. lol. So adorable!
  3. My erm, fries
  4. Me nomnoming on 2 out of 3 of my onigiris. Thank God I bought a lot of 'em! 
  5. The Jolly Trolley Station! When the hell are they going to arrive??? haha.
  6. In front of Goofy's house. It looks as goofy as he is. Haha.

  1. From the Who Framed Roger Rabbit ride!!! I'm so happy I know Disney films so well! =')
  2. Walawey, that's the big boss's house! Mickey Mouse!!!!
  3. And here's his lady's, Minnie Mouse's house!!! Everything is so PINK! zomg. (=_=)
  4. Me fooling around with ToonTown's wacky traffic light.
  5. Copying Mickey Mouse's fountain pose. Boo. Haha.
  6. Roger Rabbit's fountain pose. I'm crazy, I know.

Seriously. These photos do not need any explanation whatsoevar. Haha. It's ToonTown! What do you expect??? LOL.

Final Part of Tokyo Disneyland in the next post! Argh. =(


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