Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Post from The Land of the Rising Sun

Alhamdulillah.. I arrived safe and sound. 

The international terminal has sure changed a lot from the last time I've been there. Which was about, 3 years ago if I'm not mistaken. It seriously is a shopping complex. You'll feelike you're at Pavillin with all the super expensive shops. (=_=) Everything is so overpriced.

I did not experience any delays, thank God. And as advised by Salmi,, slept the entire way, only waking up to eat. =p Oh, and the sight of the rising sun on flight was beautiful!

The weekend was spent fully in these two places XD:

The moment we landed, I bought my own train pass, and we headed off to Disney Sea. We were slightly late compared to the early comers but it's smaller than Disneyland, so we thought we'd utilize the next day fully for Disneyland. Oh and there's only ONE Disney Sea in the world. 

The moment I step in, it brought back a lot of childhood memories!!! I've been to Euro Disney in Paris when I was about 5 during my parents' PhD years in London. But there weren't a lot of things I remembered from that trip. So it was definitely a reminiscent moment for me. =') And yes, we spent our Aidiladha with Mickey, Minnie, all the princesses, seven dwarfs, etc. LOL.

So you can expect a lot of photo-spamming posts upon my return. XD

And btw, the internet here is bad-ass fast. XD


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