Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PapapapapaPoker Face

Current game obsession:


Yes, poker, the risky game where you may lose some, or win some!

I blame this girl for teaching me:
Our chips are rolled up pieces of paper. Haha.

Don't worry, no money was involved. The game was played purely for fun. We know our limits. We basically played for the thrill and suspense of it.

But I think I understand better why gambling is addictive. The feeling where you win stuff is exhilarating. But then again, the risk is really high. Urgh, I 'm bad at taking risk when it involves money, I'm a real scaredy-cat, haha.



wantie said...

dont play until you become addicted k.

WaWa said...

Eh, takdelah.. kalau addicted pon, main-main je, nothing siyes.. just a new game for when my friends and I gather.. Thanks for the advice anyway.. =)

lynnanuar said...

hahaha wawaaaaaa serious sik perasaaaann, i jarang cek blog kinek. hahaha sorry for being a bad influence babe but you know well i love yaaaaa. p/s: muni is freaking hereeee she's on holidays for 3 freaking weekksss, come back soonnn i iz missingz you already.

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