Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Not-So) Wordless Wednesday

I miss everything in Japan. =(

Credit to Sarumi-chan! <3

As you can probably tell, being the camwhore I am, there are hundreds of photos just SCREAMING  to be resized, watermarked, and uploaded here. The time will come, my lovelies, MWAHAHAHA~ *rubs hands together, raising eyebrows*

The trip was awesome, that's all I'm saying because I want to save my stories for future posts. Ngaha.

By the way, I have a few important events coming up soon, the first one is on this Friday, and the next one is on Tuesday. BIG BIG BIG EVENTS. The probability of blogging about either one might be low, but if I am motivated enough, well, you may just find out about it. Ngehehehehe.

Oh, and I have a sorethroat and my nose is filled to the brim with mucus. Yes, I am disgusting, I know. Can you imagine how hard it is to teach in front of class when your throat is all funny and nasally because of the mucus buildup??? BLEURGHHHHHHHH.


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