Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Break what I need. So. Frickin'. BAD. *headdesk*

For the past few semesters, I have been teaching 2 out of four classes from the actual requirements, where I just observe the remaining 2 classes while another sensei teaches the class. For intersession, I basically had only one class to teach so it was a no brainer.

But for this semester, I had the full-blown job laid out for me. Four classes. Four. As in, 16 hours per week, four hours a day, minus Wednesday (students' extra-curricular day THANK GOD). I had a bit of whatdya call it; WORK SHOCK? LOL.

Apparently, it is REALLY exhausting. It challenges my mind and body thoroughly. Can you imagine repeating the same thing four times? I never thought I'd get tired of my own jokes, haha.

One of my classes in the middle of a speed-dating activity. Lot of fun! XD

However, the students have been really good, doing everything I've told them to. Some of them pick-up quite fast, some are slower than others, so I really have to learn to pace myself. I can't help it, because I feel that the later chapters will require extra attention compared to the first few chapters. But I try to make it interesting with a lot of games and activities just to improve their understanding.

Let's hope for the best my effort will be fruitful! *crosses fingers*

On a different note:

Have anyone tried Cadbury Gold? Because I honestly don't understand the fuss about it and why is it pricier than the original version because it seriously does NOT taste any good. Sorry to say this, but it tastes like el-cheapo chocolates. I prefer Dairy Milk and the original line, thankyouverymuch.

Overrated. Sorry. =_=



Saidatul Syakiera Mohammad Idrus said...

ahha! I still remember this speed dating activity! ;)

WaWa said...

@Saidatul Syakiera Mohammad Idrus
Ok,terus kantoi ada blog. *lariks*

Saidatul Syakiera Mohammad Idrus said...

hahaha! by the way kan sensei, cantiklah your blog. :)

minat ladybird ye ;)

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