Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to Reality

Raya hols has ended, no matter how many days I get to extend my holidays. 

BTW, I am SUPER tempted to take a day off tomorrow. Have been really busy helping out my kakak angkat whose sister got to enter Unimas. Have been bringing her family around Kuching since it's their first trip here. I have been a tourist guide so many times, the people at Cultural Village, Pasar Ikan, Kedai Kek Lapis, Kedai Pasu etc. remembers my face. I should really get commission for this. LOL.

It has been fun. Her sister; Hanis, who I now consider her to be my adik angkat now, reminds me a lot of  myself during the days I entered UiTM Kuantan in 2005, being away from the family for the first time was zomg super hectic and emotionally draining. And my relationship was in the early stages at that time too. But I felt that it was a huge learning experience for me. I learned a lot about real life. Real people. And above all REAL friends. 

Seriously, the backstabbing that goes on can make someone suicidal. 

I'm just glad that I am nearby to help her out, whereas I had noone in Kuantan. 

I'm helping out with her settling in and been helping her with stuffing her items in her room. I feel that campus life always look better when the room is pretty and clean. Psychological nonetheless, but it helps to lift the mood.

Hanis on the left, Kak Dina on the right. Funny Hanis will make friends in no time!

Ding Dong, Semester 2011/2012 has started! =)


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