Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girly Saturday

Last Saturday, I spent a day out catching up with 2/3 of my girlfriends who were safe and sound at home; Muni and Lynn.

Since Lynn specifically asked for a girly day out, we had to dress all girly. Never before I had so much trouble making up my mind on what to wear!!! It was worse than going out on a date with my bf! LOL. I practically pulled out multiple outfits, tried them on, took them off, and put them on again! Haha! Decisions, decisions!

Check out our awesome bowling poses. xD

We started of with a nice bowling session. BTW. Riverside Bowling Centre is super pimped out now!!! It's really awhsummmm!!! New bowling shoes, new bowling balls!!! NICE!!!

Oh and played a game of pool since we had some extra time on our hands before going for iftar. Pool is so much easier than snooker. Easier to control your shots. But the place between the pool tables were so small, we kept poking random (male) strangers with our (oh crap, what do you call 'em) pool sticks. LOL. Pool Sticks.

If you are looking for a place to have fun, this is where you should be heading. The ambience has improved a lot and worth the money! =)


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