Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers 3? Meh.

Argh. I'm sad to say I was a bit disappointed. It really was "MEH." The storyline was a bit dragging and I found my self yawning quite a bit. The girl who replaced Megan Fox was pretty though. But I really hate the fact that the pretty damsels in distress never get a scratch or a bloody nose no matter how bad they fall off a building, out of a window, or thrown all over the place. I mean, that is just WRONG. (=____=) But yeah, I don't like this. Optimus Prime will always be my favourite though. And Bumblebee will always be the pet that I want but could never have. =p

And here are my spontaneous movie dates last Friday! We just finished our final exam for PGDip's Module 4, and we were dying for some form of entertainment, so we immediately agreed to catch a movie together. Such outings are quite rare for us to be together so it was fun. I can even say the dinner gossip talk was much more fun than the actual movie.

Guys, karaoke next time? =)


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