Friday, July 15, 2011


So two friends of mine; Melisa and Haslina, and I decided to join a bowling tournament tomorrow noon, organized by Persatuan Pegawai Akademik Unimas(PPAU).

I have been training like erm, mad, and managed to injure 2 fingers in one week plus. LOL.

And the name of our bowling team is Abracadabra.

To enlighten you, this is Abracadabra:

I blame my effective brainwashing treatment on Haslina, giving her the We Got Married videos apparently was really effective.

We didn't want to name ourselves Brown Eyed Girls (Gain's girl group) since the name macam so gediks like zomg. So we went for the name of the hit single instead.

Oh yeah. We're SO going to dance the Abracadabra for every strike.

P/S: And apparently I'm also the Centre's representative for Unimas's Sport Event. WOW. D8


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