Monday, May 9, 2011

Ugly Betty-athon

Were you one of those people back in the days where Venezuelan tv series were all the rage??? Because I definitely was. XD

I was the kid who upon reaching home would rush to the TV to catch all the drama, and with this type of series, OH THE DRAMA!!!!! LOL.

Of course, my favourite would be Yo Soy Betty La Fea, so when Salma Hayek was producing the English version a few years back, I was through the roof!

Of course I missed out on most of it, since I was studying and the TV is shared making it even harder to watch when most of them prefer the Malay dramas. =__=

So recently I DLed the entire 4 seasons and going on a marathon with 'em!!! 8D

But I have to say this, I so ship OTP Betty and Henry!!!!!!!!!! <3333333

Ooh. Moobs. 8D

OMG henry is so cuuuuuuuuuuttteee!!! I love how he would say something nerdy out of the blue and say "it's just something I know..." XDDD *glomps Christopher Gorham* I remember watching him from watching "Popular" and loved him in that!

Hmm. Now I feel like DL-ing Popular! 8DDD No, must finish Ugly Betty first! *slaps self*

But towards the end of Season 1, another cutie popped up! OH GIOOOOO~!!!! Super adorable!!! Gah, I have a thing for guys with medium length hair. XD But I know in Season 3 or maybe 4, he styles a crew-cut. But I so prefer him with long hair!!! *points below*

Argh. Betty is so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I'd still prefer this hotstuff!! (who btw is married with 3 beautiful kids!!!)




Redbloodsnow said...

dolok layan mek diat ugly betty. nektok dah x diat ilak..hehe

WaWa said...

haha, terbalit kita, dolok x diat gilak sebab member/famili conquer tv. tok dah pande DL, nang addicted! =p

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