Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Romance for Pisces in 2011

Year 2011 Romantic

You're at your gorgeous, glamorous best in 2011, Pisces. (ZOMG YAY.) It's easier than ever to keep a good physical regime going this year. A little effort goes a long way in getting your body into amazing form with the plethora of planets in the super-physical sign of Aries. No more zoning out in front of the tele, it's time to get back into your body. The better you feel about your physical appearance, the more open you are to love. (it's a sign definitely. I'm already in diet mode since last week. Ganbarimasu!!!)

Romance and sensuality are synonymous with the strong influence of fiery and sexy energies surrounding the physical side of life from spring onward. Regardless of your age, you'll feel like a teenager when all of those planets enter Aries this May. (Hmm.. my carry sisters are coming in May! 8D) July is especially romantic when Venus enters Cancer and brings loads of pleasure to your love sector. (Sounds horny.LOL.) Let your primal instincts take charge and spur you on to greater romantic risks than you ever thought your delicate nature capable of. You might even surprise yourself. Your gut won't steer you wrong this spring. After June, you're more inclined to get grounded and mellow your pace in love. This doesn't mean you should resort to your old defense mechanisms per se. But it does mean that you might want to consider letting things build slowly to prove they are solid. When Neptune enters Pisces in June, you are simply in love with love. (Hmm.. BF's birthday is in June!) This could magnetize a soul mate or a total delusional disaster. It all depends on how grounded and centered you are.

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