Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tiang M. Jambu in Kuching

Dunno if anyone had noticed (heck, I dunno if anyone actually reads my stuff anyways, lol.) but I have been on a semi hiatus from the online world for a bit due to this:

My Tiang M. Jambu aka Hani Bani and her mom are in town for a one week Kuching getaway vacation and I'm playing hostess, tour guide, photographer and driver. Wheeeeeee~

We are using up her camera's memory to the ultimate maximum limit with only one and a half day left to their stay and only 96 more snaps available. Muahahahahaha. Camwhores FTW! 8D

And I've discovered new stuff in Kuching because of them too! XD

Will update more once we've used up the phone's memory card so that I can post up lots of really awesome snapshots. :p



peaNut said...

x nampak tulisan ktk eyh...sama kaler ngn background..bertilit bena2 kmk nk baca..huhu

WaWa said...

eh? kamek okey jak.. kali page mek lambat loading rah komputer kitak kali nak? Huhuhuhu.. :p

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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