Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something for a Sarawakian to Ponder On...

I got to thinking after reading a certain post on another local blog here. Though her issue is more on the public perspective of female Sarawakians, mine was on a different matter.

Being a Sarawakian, I have often heard random sayings and phrases that affects my *cough* Sarawakian pride. Not that I'm being sensitive, but there are certain obvious issues that I wish some would come to realize of. For instance a dialogue between my colleague and I:

C: Dari Sarawak kan?
M: *nods* Ha'ah, Kuching.
C: Dudok mane?
M: Rumah aku atas pokok tinggi, pinggir Gunung Santubong. (OBVIOUSLY KIDDING HERE, DUH.)
C: SIYES???????? Pastu ade tangga tinggi la?
M: ............................ *headdesk, speechless*

It's not really uncommon nowadays for those in the peninsular to react like that. Heck, even the newscasters and certain politicians do the mistake of saying something like "bla bla bla bla di seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak."


Are you suggesting we're not actually included in "seluruh Malaysia"?

Of course, an honest (pffft, yeah rite) mistake. But when you get so used to it you'd start getting really annoyed and cranky, rethinking the entire 1 Malaysia concept. (Yes, that's how deep I think about this issue).

Maybe our PM should have thought about doing this:

Before the whole fancy shmancy 1Malaysia implementation:

After the whole fancy shmancy 1Malaysia implementation:

Then we'd REALLY be 1Malaysia.

Entertain yourself on reading this hoax humourous news on Sabah and Sarawak to be Relocated. Photos were grabbed form there. I LMAO. XD

Public Anouncement from the Ladybug: Remember, stereotyping is a major no-no.


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