Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back Pains

When I mention to people I have back pains, the common response from my sengal friends would be "Aik, belom kawen dah sakit belakang?"

 *bricks all sengal friends*

Lately I have been suffering lower back pains and it does become troublesome when every time you sit down or get up, you groan like you're a bazillion years old. (=_=)

So I had an appointment set with a doctor the other day to have a check-up and an x-ray. I had to do all these weird poses and movements to see if there was anything wrong with my backbone structure aka my vertebrae. But then we had an x-ray just to be sure.

I had to strip down. And had to wear this tie-in-front hospital gown which is really sheer and the gaps between the knots made me feel so self-conscious that I kept holding on to it for fear it would magically untie itself and fall to the ground. And then I'll just run around shamelessly in the nude.

And by the way, the X-ray table was freaking cold. i squealed like an idiot the moment I sat on it. And the nurse was all:

Alhamdulillah, after inspection of my x-ray (which I wished I snapped a photo of but my phone died in the midst of everything, pfft.) nothing was wrong with my bone structure so it could just be muscle strain from carrying anything heavy. The doctor prescribed me with some painkillers and advised a follow-up check up after raya.

Oh, and I was also told not to lift heavy stuff. The ironic thing was, my fiance and I were supposed to pick up this bookshelf for our room at the furniture store. Guess who was the one sitting in the car with a smug face?

Yes. Memefaces are my thing. XD

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